Working Principles

Abacioglu is a medical institution with a high level of medical professional knowledge, constantly developing, following medical and technological developments and renewing itself. Our work principles cosist of respecting itself and the profession, patients, and respecting the society as a whole.

Our Code of Business Conduct is intended to guide our employees and our managers in fulfilling the issues and actions that require legal, ethical care and attention that the company uses as a guide when running the medical practice.  According to Abacioglu’s Code of Business Conduct, all our employees are expected to fully comply with current applicable laws and regulations while maintaining high ethical standards.

The fundamental characteristic of the Abacioglu corporate code of conduct is to act in a responsible manner, integrity, trust, respect, honesty, teamwork and transparency, all in our institutional practices and related decisions taken at the center. The Code of Practice is used as a reference, preventive and guiding instrument, and generally higher than the standards required by applicable laws and regulations.

All of our corporate policies include, but are not limited to, the Articles of Incorporation in our Code of Business Conduct, including business behavior and safety, securities trading, environmental protection, social responsibility and anti-corruption measures.

We are in a whole effort to protect the integrity and primacy of these matters.

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