When is Abortion done?

Regarding abortion in unwanted pregnancies, the gestational week is set at 10 weeks. However, the best time to evacuate unwanted pregnancies is 5-6 weeks. From time to time, patients make mistakes in this calculation and sometimes young girls arrive late due to social reasons and spend time to terminate the legal pregnancy.

With the pregnancy calendar on our site you can learn how many weeks you are pregnant. All the risks of an abortion increase naturally as your pregnancy week grows, and the duration of your recovery and recovery after the abortion procedure also extends.

Women above age 18 can legally do so until the 10th week in unintended pregnancies. Girls under the age of 18 can make an unwanted pregnancy cure with the signature or approval of their parents.

It is forbidden to have an abortion and take it legally after 10th week. After the 10th week, the physician who has performed the procedure to terminate an unhealthy pregnancy and the patient who has the procedure are judged at the heavy penal courts.

If you have any disability in your baby or if you need to terminate your pregnancy because of any illness, you have to complete this process until the 26th week. In this case, private board decisions are absolutely necessary in state hospitals or university hospitals.

If a physician with knowledge of perinatology and a physician capable of amniocentesis can determine the chromosomal anomaly as a result of aminocentesis, then the decision of the board can be made unnecessarily.

If you have an unwanted pregnancy, please do not wait till 10 weeks.

If you have any questions about this, please Please contact Tugrul Abacioglu with the phone numbers given below and make an appointment.

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