What is the wound in the cervix?

Vaginal outbreaks and infections are problems that are common in women and can cause daily life, sexual life, more advanced infections that affect the self-esteem of the woman, but may cause infertility and cervical cancer.

Vaginal infections usually have symptoms such as discharge and groin pain, can occur during sexual intercourse, from general pools, from the toilet, or due to the disruption of the vaginal flora balance resulting from the use of certain antibiotics, resulting in occasional placement of opportunistic infections, especially fungi.

Vaginal infections are called vaginitis, if they are not treated

become chronic, can lead to serious problems, adhesions, further infections, infertility in the cervix and the inside of the tubes and ovaries.

One of the most common cases where vaginal discharge is not treated is cervical wound. These injuries can be in various forms, ranging from mild rash to large red scar.

If it is determined sores or infections during gynecological examination, first smear test and vaginal cultures taken after medical treatment of the infection are applied, cauterization of wounds or pathologies result from smear (burning), cryosurgery (freezing) or treated with one of the laser method. No pain is felt during the burning and freezing phases, and usually no anesthesia is needed. The procedure takes a very short time and the patient can continue to his daily life.

If pathology occurs as a result of smear, then the cervix is examined by colposcopy and if necessary biopsy is taken and the follow-up and treatment are determined according to the result called biopsy.

Particularly in cases where vaginal discharge and cervical injuries are possible in women who have not delivered, gynecological examination and appropriate treatment are required without damaging the discharge and wound genital organs and fertility.

Whether or not you have a complaint, all women should go through at least once in the gynecological examination at least once a year and smear test at least once a year and the smear test is a life-saving key in cervical cancer.

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