What is abortion?

Abortion is the generic name given to the medical procedure for ‘scraping and receiving unwanted tissues in the gaps of the body’. Abortion means getting a tissue from within the uterus with the commonly used name. However, abortion is used to describe the medical procedure performed to terminate unwanted or problematic pregnancy in a manner known in the community. It is usually done to end your pregnancy in the uterus with a special method.

Abortion is also used as a diagnostic biopsy or treatment for pregnancy termination. This process is also referred to as D & C (dilation and curettage) in the medical language.

People also use the terms “termination of pregnancy”, “curettage”, “ignoring children” and “baby-watching” for the abortion procedure. However, when it comes to gynecological diseases and obstetrics, abortion is included in many definitions.

The process of terminating unwanted pregnancies has become a fearsome dream for women for many years. However, this situation changes with developing technologies and new methods used.

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