TermoSalud VMAT device: using acoustic shock waves, vibrational waves, virtual mesotherapy and mesoacoustics,

  • To rupture the fibrotic walls of cellulite,
  • To provide blood circulation enhancement in all layers of tissue including blood vessels and connective tissue via neovascularization
  • Vibration waves and virtual mesotherapy to support the production of collagen again

is a cosmetic mezzo-acoustic technology that helps stop and repair traces caused by cellulite regardless of its degree.

The VMAT acoustic shock waves therapy uses the body’s true repair mechanisms to stimulate the tissues: when the cellulite is advanced (grade I, II, III), the lymphatic vascular system can not deliver protein and catabolic delivery in sufficient quantities. This leads to a high protein concentration that causes fibrosis (an increase in fibrous connective tissue) and changes the properties of the tissue.

The application of acoustic wave therapy temporarily increases the permeability of the cell membrane, thereby improving the exchange of these substances between the cells and breaking the fibrotic wall of the cellulite.

The purpose of vibrating waves is to stimulate metabolism to help new fibers form and strengthen muscles, to speed up the removal of wastes, and to increase blood flow to the muscles. During treatment, pneumatically produced oscillatory pulsations produce a vibration in the muscles and, as a result, have a very beneficial effect on the lymphatic flow and the whole tissue becomes tighter. Vibrating massage completes acoustical shock wave therapy and enhances its effectiveness while giving a pleasant feeling of comfort.

At the same time, virtual mesotherapy causes molecular changes that lead to the formation of pores in the cell membrane, which in turn increases the amount and depth of active substances in the skin. This is a scientifically proven system that significantly enhances skin permeability and thus activates the active agents to reach the interior of the cells and to stimulate cells.

The VMAT meso-acoustic device is designed to effectively treat the different problems of the hypodermic layer (cellulite grade I, II and III), taking advantage of the increased cell permeability provided by mesotherapy.

Effects of VMAT THERAPY on skin and subcutaneous tissue

Before using VMAT

The skin has a lumpy appearance known as “orange skin” skin. The blood flow to the area is considerably reduced and pits may be visible on the skin.

During VMAT use

Blood flow and collagen formation in the region increase significantly. Cell membrane permeability increases and the fibrotic walls of the cellulite begin to tear and blood circulation increase occurs in all layers of the tissue including connective tissue through blood vessels and neovascularization.

After VMAT applying

The skin hardens and regains its natural elasticity. The tissues develop at a noticeable level.

In this way, the VMAT device helps to reduce the orange peel skin and increase skin elasticity; It is the ideal treatment for body reshaping.

As a result

The VMAT device has different settings for treating cellulites (I, II, and III) at different levels on the abdomen, arms, and buttocks, and provides cellulite treatment with no personalized pain.


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