Vaginismus, the fear, contraction, avoidance reaction that the woman gives unintentionally during the relationship. As a result, despite all the struggles, sexual intercourse between the male and female does not occur and human relations among the spouses may become unbearable.

In our country, one of every 10 females lives a problem of vaginismus. However, vaginismus may not give much indication in the beginning and may cause women not to get sexual pleasure in the future.

What is vaginismus, how is it treated?

Sexual intercourse is an act carried out by sexual intercourse between these men and women. This action is also a natural action necessary for the co-operation of women and men. It is very necessary for the sexual relationship man and the woman to have a bilateral relationship, especially for happier marriages.

However, a number of problems that occur in women or men can interfere with sexual intercourse. Vaginismus disease, especially in women, can increase the insensitivity and hesitancy of women during sexual intercourse and cause sexual intercourse.

What are vaginismus symptoms?

  • Fear of sexuality
  • Not too much fear of sexual intercourse, no attempt to test sexual intercourse.
  • Painful sexuality
  • Painful and difficult sexual intercourse
  • Inability of the penis enters the vagina
  • Women’s self-muscle the result, it can enter only a part of the penis into the vagina situation.
  • Fear of gynecologist
  • To try sex positions
  • Cinsel ilişki sırasında değişik pozisyonlar deneyememek.
  • The opening of the legs
  • When your legs do not open during sexual intercourse …

vaginismus causes?

There is no medical reason for vaginismus disease. Vaginismus, a condition in which a woman does not look to sexuality, is usually psychologically meaningful. The harassment experiences that women experience, or the negative thoughts that they have in their minds in general, are among the main reasons that can cause vaginismus.

How is vaginismus treatment done?

The treatment process of vaginismus disease can be solved with very different approaches, but the complaints of the patient should be thoroughly rested and appropriate solutions should be developed. Vajinusmus exercises have an important place in the treatment of vaginismus. Vajinusmus exercises are among the most effective ways to treat treatment. Vajinusmus can easily exercise at the patient’s home.

Psychological treatment methods are also applied in some patients. In this case, it is often the case that the patient’s history will cause vaginismus symptoms and it is sought to investigate whether there are sexually relevant problems.

In some cases, more than one treatment method can be combined. This decision, individual talking to the patient, diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment method is selected according to it. We are asked to be sensitive about the things around us, the things the patient feels about and are afraid of doing. At the same time, the ability to control the person’s feelings is taught.

Vaginismus exercises

The most basic vaginusus is to make the person who is exercising relaxed. For this reason, the first stage patient must relax with various techniques before starting the exercises. Various breathing and giving or meditation techniques are quite useful.

Meditation and breathing techniques

Using meditation-based, deep and accurate breathing techniques will provide great relief. The correct breathing technique can be improved in the following way; breathing should be done in a deep and deep way. Breathing should be oral and slowly but very comfortable and in order. Breathing should not be held and the breathing period should be twice as long as the breathing period. Breathing should be made during the intake of the abdomen, your chest should not swell. Provide relief and relaxation of your body and muscles during these breathing exercises.

Meditation and proper breathing techniques and exercises will provide psychological relief for the patient.

Mirrored exercises

It is very natural that you are afraid of the organs that you have not touched and have not seen, and that you are carrying negative thoughts. The first condition of your vaginismus disease progression is the most positive beginning if you closely recognize your respective organs as part of your body and think positively. By taking a hand at your hand and examining your vagina, looking at the vaginal canals by opening the lips of the vagina is the basic step in the process of recognition.

Genital massage

Next, try to touch your sexual organ that you are trying to identify with the mirror. In a lying position on the back, massage your vagina with a touch of a touch with a suitable massage oil and your caressing will strengthen your tie with this organ.

Finger exercises

In the treatment of vaginismus, finger exercises are one of the basic items of treatment. Your opinion is recommended. This may not seem normal for many women, but it is known to be very effective in the treatment of vaginismus. For this purpose, you can insert the patient’s finger into the vagina and allow the vagina to tighten with small touches. In this way you have tested vaginanal activity and contraction movements.

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