It is a device that you can work with without pain, painless, no amelia, even during lunch break and return to work.

UROGYN C500 End oF  Menstrual Cramps

Your Menstrual Cramps whether your nightmare! ÜROGYN C500 with a maximum of 4 sessions rid of menstrual pain in your …

vaginal Shrinking with UROGYNE C500

Even in a coffee mood You can make genital aesthetic applications without pain, without the need for sexual abuse.

UROGYN C500 to End OF urinary incontinence

Painless Ending Urgent Abduction. Painless urinary incontinence in two sessions without any anesthesia painlessly get rid of the complaint.

Vaginal dryness treatment with UROGYNE C500

At the entrance of the vagina and repairing the special secretion gland at the cervix, it provides fluid retention like the old one and increases the lubrication.

The recommended number of sessions for this application, which will provide vaginal canal tightness, involuntary urinary incontinence treatment and significant sexual intercourse improvement, is between 2 and 4 sessions (session duration 20). Immediately after the application you can continue your social life from where you left off.

UROGYNE C500 Radiofrequency System

UROGYNE is a radiofrequency device that treats “Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome” based on a capacitive-resistive electrical transfer technique. This device offers the possibility of non-surgical treatment of complaints that are evidenced by the loss of the optimal structural integrity of the vagina and resulting muscle loosening.

Such complaints are associated with excessive stretching of the vaginal cavity at birth, and are also part of the natural aging process and are sometimes linked to genetic factors. A large percentage of the female population is still affected by this situation; dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse, urinary incontinence, discomfort from vaginal vision, vaginal dryness, loss of self-confidence can result in serious consequences.

Vaginal area problems can only be treated by surgery until now, but with UROGYNE C500, it offers treatment without surgery, painless and without a healing period.

UROGYNE C500 The radiofrequency application allows heat-controlled thermal reaction and stimulation of the collagen in the endopelvic facies that govern tightening to tighten the resulting vaginal canal and strengthen the tissues and muscles at the same time. With vaginal rejuvenation achieved with the C500 device, greater sexual satisfaction and a significant improvement in quality of life make it possible to achieve up to 99% incontinence-related urinary incontinence.

The intracavitary head emits energy both near and distal to the entire surface. 360 degree application in the vagina can be done. It also contains a thermal temperature sensor that allows instant monitoring of the thermal state of the session.

  • vaginal Shrinking
    Urinary Abduction Treatment
    Vulva Tightening
    Anorgasm (Orgasm Failure) Treatment.
    Dismenore Treatment
    Pelvic Pain Treatment
    Treatment of Chronic Muscle Pain
    Endometriosis Pain and Myom Pain Treatment
    Regional Thinning Tightening Treatment
    Birth Fractures Treatment
    Percent Wrinkle (cough) Treatment
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