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Among parents who want to have children, they may experience anxiety or frustration due to misinformed attitudes and unconscious attitudes in the society regarding tube infants. Technological developments in this area and close collaboration between the family and the doctor enable the healthy pregnancy to be achieved.

Injection baby treatments are carried out within the framework of MASLAK ACİBADEM HOSPiTAL.

Even the most challenging charts for men and women can reach a happy end with developing technology. In vitro fertilization is a method based on the technique of fertilization of the ovaries in the laboratory environment and injecting them into the uterus using the opportunities offered by the technology for women who can not get pregnant through various infertility treatment methods.

Generally, this method is a method that provides solutions for pregnancy to women who have problems with sperm and ovaries due to clogged ducts and ovulation problems due to advanced age. Inability to be similarly unexplained may also be appropriate for women with chocolate cysts and some genetic diseases. There is also a solution for male infertility. In this way, the cells obtained from the sperm taken by fine needle aspiration from the testes of the male patients who are suffering from the sperm production difficulty can be injected directly into the womb and the woman can be conceived.

Treatment is very important to start on time!

The success rate in the use of IVF method can vary from person to person. This is a condition associated with the quality of eggs and eggs. As the number of eggs in the ovaries of young patients is high, the success rate in such treatment increases. As the age of 35 and later years progresses, the success rate also decreases relatively.

If young couples can not have children, they should definitely consult with a specialist and investigate the causes of this situation. Because women in the advanced age group are not stored in the ovaries as much as the capacity of the egg reservoir, the female may enter the early menopause and face the problem of ovulation. In this case, 3 months of treatment is started, but if still no results can be passed to the IVF stage.

With this method, pregnant women experience a normal pregnancy process.

During treatment, the woman can continue her daily life

Mothers, during IVF treatment can continue their normal life. It will only be enough to rest the day after the transfer of the embryo to the womb. It is also very important for the patient to not  feel stressed and feel  comfortable during this treatment.

Başarısız denemeler olabilir!

Some complications may develop during IVF treatment. For example, although very rare, the effect of drugs can cause overgrown eggs, sometimes they do not grow, or size imbalance can occur between eggs. In these cases, the treatment may be postponed. Depending on the condition of the woman, a doctor may recommend a test at the end. This type of treatment is a very special period that requires patience, determination and professional approach. Couples should support each other in this process, trust the doctor and fulfill all the requirements of the treatment from the beginning to the end.

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