Who can be treated with IVF?

In the following situations, IVF treatment is recommended

  • The lack of tubes of the mother candidate is due to clogging in both,
  • Reduced egg reserve in women and ovulatory disorders
  • In case of Chocolate disease (Endometriosis)
  • If the number of sperm in male is not suitable, if there are movement problems,
  • If all other treatments fail for reasons such as unexplained infertility / infertility,
  • When a cervical agent (cervical cancer) is detected
  • Immunological factors (immune system-related factors)

The practice of IVF is appropriate.

Factors determining success in IVF

How far is success? At the beginning of the job, it is important to remember that the rate of pregnancy in a cycle is 30-60% according to various factors such as the age of the couple.

Even if it is ovulation, it may not be able to conceive because it is not mature enough. It should also be known that many pregnancies may be lost before conception. The disorders that occur during the first divisions when the embryo is formed can prevent pregnancy from occurring in the intrauterine mucous membrane of the embryo. Despite the different techniques and workings, the success rate of assisted reproductive methods has not yet been achieved.

Many centers receive 2-3 embryo transfers taking into account the age of the woman treated and the seriousness of the problem of fertility. This is an application to increase the chances of pregnancy. The stimulation of the ovaries by hormone treatment to obtain more than one egg can create a table leading to overgrowth of the ovaries and the development of acid in the abdomen, leading to serious problems in the character. This way of preserving this risk is a team that is well aware of the problems of ovulation follow-up in this second phase, and a laboratory that makes the control of estrogen levels healthy is an important factor in success.

Normal women result in a reduction of about 8-10% of pregnancies. This rate is somewhat higher in IVF treatment and is around 15%. It is a fact that low probability increases with age. Therefore, investigating any cause, including hereditary causes that can be done before IVF, will increase your chances of success.

The most important factor affecting success is the fact that the IVF process is performed by a well-trained and well-trained team. It is one of the main factors that the doctor, geneticist, biologist, nurse and other employees working in the team work harmoniously with each other. Other factors affecting success;

  • Age of the woman: With age, the response to both the ovaries and the gonadotropins decreases and affects the success of treatments in the negative. In parallel with the decline in the number of eggs over the years, the quality of eggs also falls down.
  • Previous ovarian surgeries
  • Endometriosis
  • Obesity
  • Cigaret
  • Adhesion due to previous inflammations.
  • Endometrium is thin and does not thicken with treatment
  • Previously bad response to Assisted Reproductive Therapy
  • Inflammation associated with abortion (tbc, chlamydia, mycoplasma) in the intrauterine mucosa
  • The presence of myom, polyp, congenital anomalies or adhesions that print or irregularize the endometrium
  • Clogging of the tubes is the resultant fluid collection (hydrosalpenks)
  • Embryo quality
  • Laboratory quality
  • duration of infertility
  • Fibroids
  • Embryo transfer technique
  • Many factors, such as catheter quality, can affect this phenomenon.
  • Ovulation capacity of ovaries
  • FSH level
  • E2 level
  • Cortisol level
  • Antioxidant levels
  • Ovarian volume
  • Number of antral follicles
  • inhibin B level
  • There is no similar relationship between male age and testicular reserve. There was no significant relationship between the success rate of assisted reproductive therapies and age of man.
  • Similarly, the relationship between man’s sperm number, shape, and function and IVF success has not been determined.

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