Pregnancy Planning

Under the name of pregnancy planning, it is appropriate to start the preparation and planning process for approximately three months before pregnancy. Pregnancy planning is a necessary process for starting and maintaining the birth process of the mother and father candidates without any problems. Planned and conscious pregnancy is the most preferred method for conscious mothers and fathers for this risky process success. Today, the start of pregnancy, the process and birth have become less secure and less secure than in the past, making it more reliable with conscious planning.

The most valuable assets of mother and father candidates will be able to adapt more easily to this new world where babies come to the healthy world and say hello but only with proper planning.

Thus, the surrogate will be determined by the doctor whether the mothers are suitable for pregnancy; if any, problems are identified and corrected and a smear test is carried out – Smear test is a test to make infection and cancer evaluations. At the same time, the smear test, which is a special test for women to give information about the cervix, has done many scans.

In this period, folic acid therapy is also started. Thus problems that may occur during pregnancy (eg early abortion) are detected and treated beforehand. During the planning period, you are basically

  • Hereditary diseases related to family
  • Information about your medical history
  • If you have any medications,
  • Your diet and if applicable diets
  • If you already had a pregnancy,  the information
  • Your blood group
  • Information about your dental health
  • Information about your vaccinations

and will advise you of the risks and precautions, if any.

Important topics related to pregnancy planning:

  • The physical and genital examination of the mother before pregnancy should be done with caution and should be resolved if there are structural problems that complicate birth.
  • Another problem that can cause unpleasant problems in pregnancy is hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) and anal fissures (bruises). If so, these problems should be treated before pregnancy.
  • Mouth and dental health is a very important issue in terms of pregnancy. If there are problems in this matter, treatment should be done before pregnancy. Care must be taken before and during pregnancy to care for teeth and mouth.
  • Some of the sexually transmitted diseases may prevent pregnancy and may go to babies. To prevent this, it is necessary to detect and treat them before they become pregnant.
  • The use of any kind of medication during pregnancy should be done by a doctor and with permission.
  • Also, if used, it should be expected that the contraceptive methods applied will be canceled and the birth control pills will be released and the menstruation regularized for the start of pregnancy.
  • External factors that constitute fetus anomalies should be careful in their subjects. For this reason, care should be taken to protect the abdominal area, for example, while taking the x-ray film.
  • Later that may cause problems during pregnancy, hepatitis, measles, rubella, brucella, cytomegalovirus, herpesvirus, Toxoplasma, made tests of diseases such as mumps, if immunity should be vaccinated against this disease development. Pregnancy should be planned after immunity has developed. Otherwise, the passage of one of these diseases during pregnancy can be harmful to the baby.
  • According to genetic studies, two to three out of every hundred infants born to physical cognition are seriously mental and physical. This is sometimes related to heredity, as it may be due to factors during pregnancy. For this purpose, at the beginning of the planning cycle, it should be determined whether there is a hereditary disease in the family from the family, and information should be provided about the problems that may arise for the candidates.
  • In addition, overweight can cause some problems to occur. During pregnancy, fat ladies can trigger preeclampsia, which is called “pregnancy poisoning” among the population.
  • From this point, there is countless benefits of a regular exercise program in conjunction with a balanced and healthy nutrition program. Regular exercise during pregnancy or before pregnancy helps to relieve stiffness of the person, strengthens the muscle groups that work during birth, and relieves some grievous disorders (constipation, fatigue, cramps). Normal pregnancy is easier in pregnant women with cesarean section, and pregnancy after birth is shortened. The mother can lose weight more easily after childbirth.
  • In a healthy maternal candidate, the body mass index should be between 20-25 and the weight taken during pregnancy should not exceed 11-12 kilo. If the pre-pregnancy body mass index is over 25, it should be conceived after giving enough weight. In general, it is recommended that candidates receive more than 20 grams of protein a day during pregnancy, in addition to their requirements.
  • It is a known fact that tobacco and alcohol products directly affect the fetus. For this reason it should never be used during pregnancy.
  • Folic acid is a member of the family of vitamin B and is also known as vitamin B9. Folic acid plays a role in important biological processes in the body such as blood production, new cell formation, DNA synthesis. It is known that folic acid supplementation, taken before and during pregnancy, protects against damage that can occur in the baby’s backbone and brain. For this reason, it is considered more advantageous if the maternal folic acid deficiency has been removed before the pregnancy. Folic acid intake should be balanced and done at the doctor’s check.

It should not be forgotten that the use of any kind of medicine in pregnancy – including vitamins, is at the doctor ‘s discretion and it is important not to take any medicine at random.

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