Pregnancy following And Birth

The pregnancy process and the birth of the baby are the beginning of a fairytale union. The average duration of pregnancy is 280 days, and the time from the last menstruation of the mother candidate is about 40 weeks. During this time, the health of the mother and the baby’s healthy development, and the clinical, ultrasonographic and some tests performed at appropriate intervals in order to prevent or detect follow-up and possible related problems, and regular check-ups every 3-4 weeks supported by these tests are the most important features of pregnancy follow-up .

The pregnancy (pregnancy) follow-up starts with the choice of an expert doctor in this regard in order to identify the problems experienced during pregnancy and to solve these problems. The choice of the experienced and qualified doctor, who will be trusted by the mother and the father, is the most basic element of comforting this complex and complicated pregnancy, especially for the mother.

As we told you about pregnancy planning, couples who want to conceive are advised to start their pregnancy process by planning pregnancy by applying to their doctor three months before conception. Thus, the surgeons are asked to determine if they are suitable for pregnancy and if so, infection problems are resolved and a smear test is performed. In addition, folic acid treatment is started. Thus problems that may occur during pregnancy (eg early abortion) are detected and treated beforehand.

Normally, pregnancy checks begin with a pregnancy test to find out if the woman is pregnant. Two weeks after the mother’s pregnancy test pregnancy test is determined, it is determined by ultrasound that the pregnancy incision occurs in the uterus. During the ongoing process, you should visit your doctor regularly about every 3 to 4 weeks.

At the same time, in this period psychologically and in terms of knowledge, the mother candidate should be prepared to become the mother and the father candidate should be the father.

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