Organizations We Support

Mor Cati Women’s Shelter Foundation

Mor Cati Women’s Shelter Foundation; is a non-governmental organization that works to prevent violence against women, provides psychological and legal support and shelter for women who have suffered domestic violence.

Tohum Otizm Foundation

Seed Turkey Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation, ‘autism spectrum disorder’ that children be placed early diagnosis, pioneering the integration into the society with special training and in order to expand nationwide this, non-profit purposes and as a health and educational foundation that promotes the public interest April 15, 2003 established on.

Cocuklar Gulsun Diye ” Association;

Cocuklar Gulsun Diye, initiated in 2010 under the leadership of Artist Gulben Ergen, was established as the continuation of the campaign. Artist Gulben Ergen’s presidency, the researchers Elvan Oktar’s Children Smile he assumed the vice-president of the Association of preschool education in Turkey aims to contribute to the dissemination of education.

Baska Bir Okul Mumkun Association

From parents to teachers, activists from children up to training scientists from various experts, the trouble with education issues in Turkey, weary of talk and decide, “I’am be done” There is a large community.

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