“Fear of Cancer, Fear of being Late”

Oncology is called the medical field, where tumors dissolve. Oncos (swelling) and logos (science) are words created by the combination of Latin words.

Cells, which are the structural stones of the human body, come together to form tissues and tissues form organs. In this cycle, cancer starts in cells, not in organs and tissues. Normally, our cells form, grow, divide and form new cells as needed according to the needs of the body. Cells die when they are old, and new ones come to their places. According to time and time, this cycle is broken for various reasons; the cell is formed in excess of the body’s control, or the elderly cells do not die when they should die. Uncontrolled growth of cells in this way, the resulting tissue mass of the tumor is called.

Specialized Fields of Oncology

Surgical oncology, medical oncology and radiation oncology are among these. Co-operation among these disciplines can more closely and seriously monitor the treatment and follow-up of cancer patients.

Surgical oncology is effective in diagnosing the disease and in removing the tumor present in the patient. Many surgical disciplines are considered within this group. For example, General Surgery, Ear-Nose-Throat, Brain Surgery, Chest Surgery, Orthopedics, etc. disciplines include these.

The diagnosed disease is followed by surgical treatment with cancer medications and radiotherapy after surgical treatment or in cases with spread to such an extent that the operation can not be operated.

Medical treatment of cancer diseases is done by Medical Oncology (Pediatric Oncology in childhood) and radiotherapy treatment is done by Radiation Oncology. As can be understood from all these processes, cancer requires that multiple medical disciplines work together.

Causes of Cancer

Cancer development occurs after a complicated process. Nowadays it is accepted that there is a genetic side of cancer. Cancer development is the result of successive carcinogenic effects. Each of the disorders observed in cancer development is corrected by different defense mechanisms, and our immune system plays an active role in the recognition and elimination of such disorders.

However, despite this, cancer can develop. The main reasons for this are the inability of the defense mechanisms to work and the inadequacy of the immune system. As a result, cancerous cells have been able to reproduce in extreme quantities, leading to the emergence of disease patterns known as cancer.

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