Natural Childbirth

For who will be new mothers for the first time, it is a source of stress because of the negative weather around birth and the first time they will be tried. For this reason, mother candidates for the first time may be particularly afraid of normal birth.

First of all, it must be understood very clearly. If there is no health problem in the mother and the baby, normal birth will be remembered and remembered as one of the best moments the mother candidate will remember because her mother is the starting moment as opposed to negative thoughts. If this is the case, the momentous pain and pain will be far behind this beautiful moment.

Because this will happen once, and your mother special period, will be  begin

If we need to elaborate on the moment of birth, it is not wrong to say the following. The beginning of normal birth is determined by looking at the opening of the cervix. If the engagement (please see below) comes, it will be sad, but if there is no cervical opening, the birth will not take place and the cervical opening will have to be opened for normal birth to take place. In other words, the most critical symptom of the normal birth is not the engagement, but the explosion of the mother’s wake, the opening of the cervix, and the start of the bladder at regular intervals.

If this is not the case, the mother will be sent back home and artificial pain will be given to her and she will be expected to give birth. So it may be advisable not to go to the hospital in this period, usually until the birth fever lasts for about 1 minute at intervals of 5-10 minutes. However, your baby’s movements should be followed by your doctor, and it is appropriate to communicate with your doctor during this period and to listen to his directives.

water breaks

From the very beginning of your pregnancy, the uterus starts to prepare body secretions for the baby and these secretions accumulate in the uterus. The closer the birth is, the closer the cervix is to labor – the place where the womb is opened to the vagina, it starts to soften. Because of this softness, the mucous fluid flows from the vagina into the uterus, which protects the baby that closes the uterus, allowing the infections to stay outside. This is called Engagement.

However, the engagement may also occur at the 35th month, but may come a few hours before birth. He might never come. Every woman’s pregnancy process is different. That’s why there is no clear idea of when the engagement is coming.

It’s not a problem not to make an engagement. You may be comfortable. If you follow your pain and come at regular intervals, ask your doctor about the upcoming birth date

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