How Abortion be done?

Nowadays, abortion is commonly done by vacuum method called vacuum aspiration curettage. By means of a system consisting of a plastic injector (single use syringe) thinner than the pencil and a so-called thin plastic tubular cannula, the embryo is suctioned with vacuum and the pregnancy terminated.

The plastic cannula is inserted through the mouth of the uterus and sucked out by the vacuum created by the injector. This method is both easy and less risky, less painful. The process often does not exceed 5-10 minutes. It can be done by local or general anesthesia.

There are different techniques used for abortion procedures. The most commonly used method is abortion, which is called curette, and whose tips are like sharp spoons, and the pregnancy is terminated by scraping for the uterus. However, the vacuum method described above is now widely used and preferred.

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