Ice Laser


“It’s Now Easy to Get Rid of Unwanted Feathers”

The ice laser epilation application, an effective application on hair roots, is a painless technologically based epilation technique that provides relief from unwanted hair. It is a method that can be applied in all regions of the body and can be preferred not only by women but also by men.

It is an application that can be effective even on the thinnest and weakest fur.

Approximately 3 to 4 days after application, the fur or hairs begin to surface the skin. After leaving the root, the hairs on the surface are about 15 days after they are applied.

After the spill takes place, there will be no red hair or feathers on the area where ice laser epilation has been applied for 4 to 6 weeks. When the new feathers begin to appear, the second session of epilation takes place.

Ice Laser Hair Removal Can Be Made In The Summer Season!

İkinci seansın ne zaman yapılacağı yani dökülen tüylerin ne zaman yeniden çıkmaya başladığı kişiye göre değişir. Genellikle ilk uygulamadan 7 ile 9 hafta sonra ikinci seans uygulanır. Ortalama olarak 4 ile 6 seans sonrasında ise uygulama yapılan bölgede

it no longer unwanted hair or bristles.

Four to six sessions of ice laser epilation should be done to get rid of unwanted hair. A few more sessions may need to be done in patients with hormonal disorders. Ice laser epilation can be performed in summer months, unlike conventional laser hair removal applications. For this reason, it is not necessary to take breaks during the summer.

The best time for ice laser epilation is when hair is in the growth phase. The fact that the hair is in active growth and development provides a much more efficient result than the ice laser epilation process.

During ice laser application, the area to be treated is cleaned before application. Then the hair is shortened and laser processed.

During ice laser application, laser rays reach the pigments in the hair follicle. Radiation follicles are rendered ineffective by rays, preventing hair from starting to extend again. In the past, there was no great success on red or yellow feathers in laser epilation applications. However, with ice laser application, success can be achieved on both red and yellow colored feathers as well as thin shaped feathers.

How many ice laser sessions are need?

Ice laser epilation can be done during all seasons of the year. Thanks to this advantage of ice laser processing, it is possible to continue without stopping the sessions and as a result all the necessary sessions can be completed in a shorter time and the epilation process can be completed.

The sessions in the body area are usually between 4 and 6, while the ice laser epilation applied to the face area is finished with 5 to 6 sessions.

The ice laser never causes an irritation or smearing on the skin. Only slight skin rashes may occur according to the degree of skin sensitivity, and redness disappears in a short time.

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