Gynecological Control and Pap Test

Smear (PAP) test is a test to show changes in the cervix. The lower part of the uterus that opens to the vagina is called the cervix (cervix). Pap test can be used to determine if there is an infection, abnormal cells or cancer cells.

Pap Test Why is it necessary?

Pap Test is used for early detection of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer, if diagnosed early, is very likely to get rid of cancer. For this reason, regular pap testing is the most basic test to prevent cervical cancer.

As part of regular health checks, annual pelvic examinations (your physician must visually and manually control your reproductive organs Pelvic examination is usually performed as part of the regular health check-up of women) and all women should have a pap test.

Preparation for Pap Test

At least two days before the test is appropriate to avoid doing the following:

  • Tampon using
  • Vaginal cream, suppository, etc. externally driven pharmaceuticals, spray and powder use
  • Sexual relationship.

Pap Test How to make?

Pelvic examination is a simple and rapid test that is taken as an example during the examination (your doctor should visually and manually control your reproductive organs). With the help of a special brush, a sample is taken from the mouth of the cervix and from the external surface, such as throat culture.

About Abnormal Pap Test Result

If the Pap test result is not normal, it does not always mean cancer. All cervical cancer can be prevented by treating the abnormal cells.

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