Gynecological Cancer Types

Regarding gynecological cancers, smoking, weight, balanced nutrition, sexual health and reproductive health are issues to be considered.

Except for rare types, cancers of the Endometrium, ovaries, cervix and external genitalia are among the gynecological cancers. Basic information for prevention and early diagnosis of these cancers is given below.

Uterine (endometrial) cancer

In these patients, cancer must be researched.
1- In case of unexplained bleeding or discharge in women entering menopause
2- In the case of menstrual irregularity in women. The covering (endometrium) that covers the uterine cavity is thickened every month for the woman who has menses. If this tissue is exposed to unstable hormone for a long time, it may cause cancer.

Exposure to unbalanced hormone can cause menstrual irregularity, ie abnormal bleeding, in the woman who has not entered the menopause. Bleeding in women with menopause is not normal anymore and it is absolutely necessary to investigate whether there is a cancer underneath.

Women who enter menopause sometimes have a discharge, which is not normal in this case. Women who enter menopause do not normally produce ovaries, so there is no obvious hormone production, but this hormone can be produced from fat tissue in overweight patients.

Treatment of such cancers is usually sufficient in surgery, sometimes additional medication or radiation therapy may be required. Weight control, exercise, giving birth, and the use of birth control pills can significantly reduce the risk. Some very rare types of this type of cancer can be perceived as ovarian cancers.

Ovaries (ovarian) cancer

Those who have had ovarian and breast cancer from the family should be under regular observation by their physicians. This type of cancer is seen on an average of seventy females. It is a very insidious species and does not give any obvious signs beforehand. It may give more symptoms such as bloating, abdominal swelling, eating or drinking disorders, abdominal or groin pain.

However, this bloating may sometimes be due to water accumulation (acid) in the abdomen. It may occur for non-genetic reasons. For those with familial predisposition, genetic screening is recommended if there is doubt. In this type of cancer, there is no screening and early diagnosis for patients who are not family members.

In the treatment of such cancers, surgical intervention and drug treatment are usually performed. Sometimes a diagnosis is made and some medication is given first, then a surgical intervention is performed and drug treatment can be continued again. It can significantly reduce the risk of giving birth and the use of birth control pills.

The cervix (cervical) cancer

Such cancer can be diagnosed without screening tests diagnosed and treated. The Ministry of Health supports the screening test program. It can be diagnosed and diagnosed early and treated completely and easily.

However, treatment is difficult when it is late. There are indications such as unusual bleeding, pain, discharge, especially after intercourse bleeding. Cigarette smoking can start with early marriage, polygamy, sexually transmitted diseases.

Early surgical intervention, chemotherapy (drug treatment) and radiation therapy can be applied selectively or together in the treatment of such cancer.

External genital (vulvar) cancer

Early detection of such cancers is possible due to an externally visible region and indications. There are indications that the vagina can be recognized early, such as discharge, itching, bleeding, pain, scarring, swelling. However, due to reasons such as neglect and indifference, it is late due to late diagnosis.

When early diagnosis is made, treatment can be done with a simple surgery, but when it is late, management is very difficult.

Apart from regular controls, patients should check themselves, especially our elderly people should be warned about this.

Smoking, immune system weakness, sexually transmitted diseases can create a risk.

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