FemiLift Pixel Co2 laser technocology has an innovative technology that can provide gynecological treatment without surgery, anesthesia or bed rest, and enable women to continue their routines and restore their confidence.

It is a solution for multidisciplinary therapies that enable medical doctors to treat various feminine indications quickly and effectively.

FemiLift Pixel Co2 laser (carbon dioxide (CO2) fractional laser) is a multi-platform technology

  • It provides almost painless process
  • Has controlled safety features and precise settings for treatment
  • Maximum precision provides excellent laser application with the correct wavelength required for treatment
  • Allows fractional laser energy to be applied quickly and efficiently as micro pixels
  • After treatment, the patient may return to normal life
  • Excellent patient satisfaction and long-term success

Which skin problems can we treat with FemiLift Pixel Co2 laser (carbon dioxide (co2) fractional laser)?

  • Laser wrinkle treatment
  • Laser stain treatment
  • Laser skin rejuvenation (rejuvenation)
  • Tightening of skin pores
  • Wound and surgical trail erasure
  • Acne (acne) treatment of scars
  • Treatment of skin cracks
  • Rejuvenation of hand skin
  • Treatment of under-eye bruises

Laser skin treatment is not limited to this application. All the skin in the body is used to solve many problems, rejuvenated.

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