During Abortion

It is not right to perform general anesthesia in the examination rooms and clinics without operating theater. General Anesthesia should be performed under hospital conditions.

Sedo anesthesia An anesthetic is used to reduce the pain and discomfort of the patient. It is literally a “sedative” drug and an “analgesic” drug; that is, an anesthetic technique in which a sedative and analgesic drug is administered together. Sedo anesthesia is the most appropriate method if the pain threshold of the person undergoing operation is low and overly scared. Tranquillizers and pain relievers are administered via the vein to create a mild sleep state in the patient and the operation can be performed easily.

Local anesthesia is a procedure performed with local anesthetic materials made on both sides of the caudate.

After the curettage procedure, the pregnancy is checked by ultrasound.

The patient is taken to the gynecological examination table when starting the curettage procedure.

The examination tool called speculum is placed in the vagina. The vagina is cleaned with antiseptic solution. No pain is felt until this stage.

Then general or local anesthesia is applied according to the request of the patient. For general anesthesia, medication is given via the serum and vein from the patient’s arm, which is done by anesthesia specialists. The patient is in a deep sleep and feels nothing. It wakes up after the process.

If local anesthesia is desired, anesthesia is applied to the cervix with a needle. Then the pregnancy is taken by vacuum method. The speculum is removed and the patient is awakened if general anesthesia is applied. It takes 5-10 minutes for the patient to wake up.

After local anesthesia has been applied for 5 minutes, it can be lifted. Then, the inside of the uterus is checked again with ultrasound, be sure that it is clean.

After abortion, the patient can rest for a short time (10-20 minutes) and return to their daily lives. Daily can do every job easily. After the procedure, there may be slight groin pain and a small amount of bleeding

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