Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of a company oversees and supports the activities of its founding body in compliance with ethical and international standards, laws and regulations, and with its communities. In Abacioglu, responsible and ethical approach is observed in all kinds of activities of personnel and operations. We believe that CSR will make positive changes in the lives of everyone – our employees, our patients, our business partners and our communities.

Our CSR policies are implemented with a large employee contribution and in the following categories in a wide range of high standards:

  • Environmental Sustainability: Containment areas, recycling, waste management, water management, renewable energy sources, the use of reusable resources and the use of digital technology instead of hard copies, etc.
  • Social participation: Some examples include providing support for local charities, volunteering and social solidarity, sponsoring local events, supporting local economic development, supporting ethical fair participation, etc.
  • Ethical Marketing Practices: We believe our customers are our most valuable assets and therefore we follow respectful marketing practices

Likewise, we believe that any investment should be aimed at raising the living standards of the nearest social entities around us at the highest level. For this reason, our business strategies are:

  • They should include a scalable natural philosophy that aims not only to meet the needs of the initiative but also to grow by engaging in relevant activities that require as little external assistance or support as possible and must includes a sizable natural philosophy.
  • By affecting synergy positively among society, nature and business, should contribute to the growth of communities together.
  • It should be carried out with ethical and transparent strategies, contributing to openness and wholeness in the society we live in.

Abacioglu, supports and participates in the initiative of United Nations’ Global Compact platform. Also, Abacioglu loyal to the principles of United Nations, Ten Principles of UN’s Global Compact of favoring human rights, labor rights, protection of nature, being against bribery and corruption.

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