Before Abortion

If possible, come to  where the abortion will be done with a friend or your partner who can accompany you after the procedure.

  • Do not take anything in the mouth about 5 hours before the procedure.  water is included.
  • Before the abortion, a full gynecological examination and transvaginal ultrasonography should be performed after a thorough interrogation.
  • The number of weeks of pregnancy should be determined and recorded.
  • Before you take it to the process room, you should definitely go to the toilet and empty your pussy.
  • Be absolutely sure of the blood group. If you have medicines and a chronic illness that you use regularly, please inform the physician 1 day in advance.
  • Abortion is a hemorrhagic operation, and clotting disorder in the patient should be investigated before this procedure, and if necessary, tests should be performed and abortion procedures should be carried out by taking precautions in special cases.
  • Calculate your pregnancy week using the following link according to your last menstrual date. If you do not know your last menstrual period or you are not completely sure, your doctor will already detect the size of your pregnancy by pre-abortion ultrasonography.
  • Abortions until the 10th gestational week in our country is legal. In order to terminate the pregnancy, a complete anemnez should be taken in the patient who comes to the medicine (detailed information about the patient in the medical language is used in the sense of collecting).
  • The last date of menstruation, the blood group, the illnesses she has suffered, why she does not want to be pregnant, what she will do about family planning after that, etc. should be examined well and given medical consultation before and after the procedure.
  • The last menstruation date of the patient must be written.
  • The ultrasound image should be developed in the patient’s file in case of any suspicious situation.
  • Genital tract infections should be performed in the patient to be treated, especially chlamydia infection açısından etkili antibiotic treatment is required after the procedure.
  • Hepatitis and AIDS testing should be performed in high risk groups.
  • Vaginal smear should be recommended as in all patients.

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