After Abortion

Related to anesthesia

If you have had general anesthesia during the abortion procedure you will get a little dizzy. Light bulbs, slight abdominal pain are expected signs.

Completely yourself in terms of potential complications until one of you must be strong in your head. Local anesthesia may occasionally cause nausea, you will hear groin pain. Absolutely report the severity of groin pain to the physician assistants. It is possible to treat inguinal pain, nausea and vomiting with simple treatments.

 Medicine Use

After abortion, antibiotics and pain relievers are prescribed for use in the patient. The patient is usually called for control 1 week after the procedure. In cases of excessive bleeding or excessive pain, you should consult your doctor immediately without waiting for 1 week. 3-5 days of mild pain and a minimum of 1 week of bleeding is normal. Sometimes bleeding may last only 1-2 days or there may be no bleeding, which is normal.

should not forget to use your medicines regularly. We recommend using antibiotics with simple painkillers to treat your very mild pain, even though the procedure is done in sterile environment.

 Bleeding and Pain

Note that pregnancy may occur and ovulation may occur 15 days after the procedure. It may be fever, trembling, bloody smelling flow should definitely refer to your doctor. Light crotch pain, bleeding is normal

Sometimes, especially in small pregnancies, 3-4 days after intervention, partial bleeding may occur with increased inguinal pain. This situation, which is usually due to the closure of the uterine cervical spasm and the accumulation of blood in the uterus, is temporary and does not require any special intervention.

In very rare cases, the amount of blood collected from the inside increases and it may be necessary to empty this blood with a small intervention. Sometimes pregnancy can continue even though minor pregnancies are intervened. Our physician may think that the process has ended, considering that enough pieces have arrived. Many doctors can detect that there are no internal parts remaining by examining the ultrasound in the intervention chamber without stopping. This is the best way to prevent this complication.

related parts remain inside,  you can hear about it in the comments. It is a more correct approach to know that this is a complication and can be caught by careful examination with vaginal ultrasonography.

 Bathroom and cleaning

The day the abortion is done, the shower is free. You should not use buffers for bleeding after abortion, you should use pads.

 Sexual relationship and convalescence

You are not sexually active for 7-10 days. Especially wait for the bleeding to end. Do not use a buffer for a week, do not wash your vagina. Do not do heavy work for a week. You can get back to normal everyday life.

 The beginning of menstruation

If you do not see menstruation 30-40 days after the abortion; Discuss this with your physician. If you have taken a family planning procedure and your doctor has seen the ultrasound again after the procedure, there is nothing to worry about.

If such measures are not taken after the procedure, it should be known that ovulation may occur fifteen days after the cessation and a new pregnancy may occur.

Doktor  should be easy to reach

Save your doctor’s cell phone number, if he is working in a private hospital and they are not giving a mobile phone number , tell them that this is not right and that you should contact them in any case. Because most private hospitals do not want the antennas of the gynecologists to be known by the patient.

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