Aesthetic is a side branch used in plastic surgery. Aesthetic (or cosmetic) surgery is the operation of the body to make the body image look more beautiful and smooth.

There are a lot of aesthetic problems in the aesthetic’s field of work than a medical problem. In the media, plastic surgery can be confused with plastic surgery as a social perception because of the fact that plastic surgery’s aesthetic news is more prominent. Plastic surgery is traditionally a field that deals with repair surgery (reconstructive surgery) more often in clinics.

Aesthetic surgery is as follows.

Cold Lipolysis

Cold Lipolysis or CRIOCUUM ™ ‘s CoolSculpting ™ process is a 20% to 40% fat accumulation of fat deposits in the belly, waist line and side waist regions of the body, bra layers that form on the back and chest, hip, head, leg, , which provides a very successful thinning.

Cellulite Treatment

Used in the treatment of cellulite, AWT Acoustic Wave Therapy ‘is the abbreviation is known as an acoustic wave therapy. It is very effective in reducing cellulite with 10 times higher energy waves than ultrasound waves.

Ice Laser

The ice laser epilation application, an effective application on hair roots, is a painless technologically based epilation technique that provides relief from unwanted hair. It is a method that can be applied in all regions of the body and can be preferred not only by women but also by men.


Stain Treatment

In stain treatment, it is important that the diagnosis and recognition is done correctly and the most appropriate treatment is selected and applied. For this reason, it is necessary to get opinions from the right specialists.

Hymen repair

It is possible for women to repair their horns by sewing them. The most critical issue in maiden brigade planting is the timing of the rupture and the response of the tissues during planting. The basic request for repairing the hymen is to restore the anatomical structure and restore the bleeding during sexual intercourse.


Genital Aesthetic Operations

Genital aesthetics can be applied alone or in combination with one’s physical needs.

  • Oil injections: After excessive weight loss and age progression, the genital area loses its fat texture, the outer lips of the vagina become hollow and saggy. The fat tissue from another body region of the body is added to both the pubic region and the external lips. This allows the genital region to be reconciled with an old natural, fuller and youthful appearance.
  • Labioplasty: (internal lip reduction)  Surgical intervention of the internal lumen in the female genital area is a minimization process. In a normal patient, the sagittality of the labial (small lips in the vagina) is 1.5 cm while the sagittality of the patients who apply for labioplasty is about 4 cm. When the desired aesthetic appearance is obtained during shrinking, the sense ends are also protected.
  • Vaginoplasty: (Vaginal constriction) Increased flexibility in the genital area and vaginal outer wall due to reasons such as pregnancy and childbirth in women is the result of interfering with the resulting situation. A simple surgical procedure can be done by narrowing the resulting vagina.

Points to Consider After Operations

They are allowed to bathe in two days. After labioplasty and vaginoplasty, the sexual organs must be washed with special solutions. You have to be careful when you sit up for the first few days.

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