Abacioglu Women’s Health Center has been working in the field of Women’s Health and Birth since 1991, with more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of Women’s Health, Pregnancy and Birth, Tube Baby, Abortion, Aesthetic and Surgical Oncology with its first day excitement and expert staff It continues to serve.

Abacioglu aimed to provide practical and professional health solutions in accordance with international standards in our country, in accordance with local laws and regulations and medical ethics, in order to provide clinical services and work in accordance with the needs of our women.

Our mission

In our country, in accordance with the international standards, adhere strictly to the laws and regulations and Medical Ethics of our country and provide services using the most up-to-date technology and information in the field of women’s health and improve quality in the health sector.

In this scope;

To provide the highest level and standard services and products aiming to protect women’s health and provide treatment to target target in the domestic and foreign health sector,

We aim to grow in a continuous and balanced manner, to satisfy the satisfaction of the service we provide, and to meet the expectations of the health sector while respecting the laws and regulations, the environment and the community.

Our Visions

Abacioglu strives to implement all kinds of medical technological innovations that concern women’s health since the day it was founded, and continues medical studies in this direction.

Abacioglu has a vision to be a leading company in the health sector with an understanding based on customer satisfaction, continuous and sustainable development, quality, team work, social responsibility, professional management understanding, new technology follow and sharing.

Abacioglu main objective is to fulfill the basic responsibilities of innovative medical technologies to its customers to provide products and services, to improve the quality, strong brand and protect the corporate positions, are among the main targets.

Our principles
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Fair attitude to our relationships with our stakeholders and competitor
  • Commitment to our commitments
  • To act with wholesale quality and product & service understanding
  • Increase the quality of every service to develop partnerships
  • To fulfill our responsibilities to our customers and employees
  • To keep the power and capacity at the highest level to get the best results and to work for this purpose
  • To have mutual benefit in all our relationships, to behave in good faith and understanding
  • It is our principle to always comply with the rules of law and morals.
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