Abortion Risks

Abortion : is a simple medical procedure, from time to time, various problems can be encountered for various reasons. The main ones are given below.

  • Uterine perforation (perforation)
  • Tearing of the uterus in the mouth
  • Infection
  • Continuation of your pregnancy
  • Blood accumulation in the uterus (Hematometra)
  • Abortion Failure
  • Parts remain (Rest Placente)
  • Adhesion (Ashermann Syndrome)

 Uterine puncture

The pregnant uterus is quite soft due to the progestin hormone. It can be drilled with a hard and uncontrolled movement. Especially when it is not examined before the intervention and it is observed more frequently in the cases where the uterus is facing backwards, it can be punctured with a careless move. The risk has increased since the age of gestation has grown, and the incidence has been reduced since plastic cannulas were used in vacuum curettage.

Usually the hole is small and the bleeding area on the top of the cervix is close to where it is so little that there is no bleeding and the hole closes itself over time. In such a process, the life functions of the patient are closely monitored. If there is a suspicious condition, it is diagnosed by laparoscopy.

 Tearing in the mouth of the cervix

Metal extensions called spark plugs can cause tearing of the cervix when the cervical opening is enlarged. If this tear is particularly directed towards the sides of the cervix, it can lead to cervical incompetence and miscarriages in future pregnancies.


Infection may develop after 3-4 days due to premature sexual intercourse after the abortion, full bathing, entering the pool, not using antibiotics, etc., even though the treatment is done in non-sterile environments or with instruments or consultation of the patient. Pain, odorous discharge, tenderness and excessive bleeding are seen. Protective antibiotics should be used for prevention. You should see your doctor right away. Adhesions in the infected uterus lead to early infertility and infertility, and adhesions in the ovarian tract cause ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

 Continuation of your pregnancy

Absolute ultrasound examination should be performed before going to the abortion procedure. Because if you look at the pregnancy test only and abortion is done before the end of the pregnancy, pregnancy may continue. During this procedure, pieces of the thickening of the intrauterine mucosa may be introduced into the vacuum syringe, which are perceived as pregnancy waste. Sometimes, unexamined abortions, if the patient has double-eyed sickness, the pregnancy in the absence of the sperm in the eye, the thickening of the intraocular layer may be taken.

 Intrauterine blood collection (hematometry)

Occasionally, blood clots inside the uterus due to the closure of the intrauterine blood vessels and the closure of the cervical opening itself, the inguinal pain itself is occasionally manifested by fragmented bleeding. Patients think that they are left inside and that the abortion is not done well. Therefore, after all the disease process, the ultrasonic examination removes such misidentification. The dilatation of the uterus with a spark plug (cervical dilatation) often solves the problem.

 Failed Abortion

Wounds in the mouth of the cervix, constipation, operations such as caesarean section, inflammatory adhesions, myomic polyps such as constrictions of the cervix during dilatation can not open the mouth of the cervix and abortion can not occur.

In such a case, the uterus and the cervix need to be opened to the mouth to be opened to the vagina, although some oral drugs are tried to open the mouth of the cervix. These drugs need to be used for physician control in case of a possible uterine rupture.

 Part stay (rest placenta)

In principle, pregnancy is seen with ultrasound before abortion and it should be observed that there is no remaining part of the body by looking again with ultrasound after the procedure is finished. There are a lot of markings inside the piece to indicate that it is a piece of bleeding, and the pain of groin. In such a case, you should definitely talk to your doctor.

 Asherman’s syndrome (adhesions)

Intrauterine mucosa due to excessive scratching or infection after the abortion occurs because of the development. It can cause infertility or cause early miscarriages. As a treatment, it is necessary to support the intrauterine mucosa with hormone drugs after the opening of the histrescopy adhesions. In the past, spiral drugs are given to the spinal cord to support the inside of the uterus. This method has been left for now. Put the exact witness with the womb.

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